Thursday, June 12, 2014

Texas GOP tries to back reparative therapy, still

Anderson Cooper, in his AC360 “Keeping them Honest” segment, challenged Texas state representative Bryan Hughes over the inclusion in the Texas Republican Party’s platform a provision to forbid the state from banning reparative therapy, as California and New Jersey have done.

Hughes claims it’s about “choice”. (That sounds familiar, doesn’t it.)  But is that for adults, or for parents concerned they might not get grandchildren?

Cooper (link here) asked Hughes about earlier past statements that homosexuality “tears at the fabric of society”.  Hughes seemed to evade the question, other than mention Christian teachings.   But in the past he must have meant, that (he believes) homosexuals “distract” others (and themselves) from the particular kind of prolonged intimacy that family life (and child rearing) requires.
Back in 1983, in the early days of the AIDS crisis, a legislator from Amarillo (Bill Ceverha) proposed a very draconian anti-gay law which would have barred gays from most occupations, but it did not get out of legislative committee – although it took heavy lobbying of the Dallas Gay Alliance (in the days of Bill Nelson and Terry Tebedo) to kill it. 

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