Monday, July 07, 2014

Equality Virginia: second parent adoptions are difficult in Virginia

Equality Virginia has a blog entry (on “Salsa or Salsalabs”), which provides fund raising software to organizations) about second-parent adoption, link here.   Apparently, to get a second same-sex parent legally recognized in Virginia (for a lesbian couple) the baby needs to be born in a jurisdiction that recognizes them, that is, the District of Columbia.  This reminds me of the Loving case in 1967!
 On another matter, the Washington Post took up the problem of which pronoun to use for a transgemdered child today, in a “civilities” column by Steven Petrow.

Update:  July 8

The Washington Post has a story based on a study from Australia by Lindsey Beever, that children raised by same-sex couples are actually happeir than the norm, link here

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