Thursday, August 07, 2014

Sixth circuit could break winning streak in state-level gay marriage litigation

Observers are concerned that a three-judge panel in the Sixth Circuit could break the win streak on suits intended to strike down states’ anti-gay marriage laws and amendments.  Robert Barnes has a story in the Washington Post on Wednesday, an issue showing color illustrations of demonstrations in Cincinnati (not too far from the Great American Ballpark), link here.  The cases are from Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, and Tennessee.  At least one judge is questioning why the people can’t decide this on their own.
The Post has two other stories on gay marriage litigation this morning, including where it stands state-by-state, here

Eric Eckholm has a similar article, with some sharp photography, in the New York Times here. 


I had, in my DADT-I book, suggested the idea that a state can legislate marriage benefits only when there is a dependent (an unborn child can count).  I’ve also suggested the idea that one can have benefits for one relationship in a lifetime, unless the former spouse dies.  That got some attention.

Wikipedia attribution link of Procter and Gamble in downtown Cincinnati. My last visit was in 1992 (and the plane had a scare returning).  

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