Friday, September 12, 2014

North Carolina "libertarian" rep compares gay rights to smokers'

Here’s a story that sounds like a distortion of libertarianism, taken literally. Rep Robert Pittenger (R-NC) compare the “right” to fire gay people from a private business to the right to smoke cigarettes outside or in a private home.  The Think Progress story is here.   I guess his kind of argument cuts both ways.  But back in the 90s, GLIL opposed anti-discrimination laws against private businesses on libertarian grounds (sometimes sounding awkward, as withj one 1996 press release) and supported the Boy Scouts position in the Supreme Court, but insisted that the BSA should get no public funds anyway.  Oh, I remember when I was in the Army, the officers were expected to work with the BSA. 

Let the life companies continue to charge the smokers higher rates. 

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