Sunday, September 07, 2014

Town DC draws Nats fans away from baseball game, leaving Nationals to blow game after they leave

A few guys left the baseball game at Nationals Park on Friday night when the Nationals had a 7-2 lead over the Phillies and came to the Town Danceboutique early enough (on "18-21 night") to get in before the cover goes up, and to see the entire show.  They regretted it when the Nats relievers blew the game and the Nats lost in 11 innings, as I showed them on my iPhone.  The Nats needed them in the stands. Last year, the Nats won a game, 2-1, from the Marlins on "gay night".

No, Washington Post, the Phillies are not "pests" like drain flies. The Nats should not count on their divisional title yet.

Saturday, Karaoke went on at Freddies as usual.  I sang "Save Me" from Smallville (Remy Zero) one time with karaoke in Baltimore.

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