Sunday, September 28, 2014

Virginia Pride in Richmond, on Brown's Island, is relatively simple as gay marriage battle in Supreme Court approaches (and a mathematics lesson at one stage)

Saturday, September 28, 2014, I did visit Virginia Pride, on Brown’s Island in the James River in Richmond Virginia.

I had to park about five blocks away, on 10th Street; you couldn’t park in the Federal Reserve. 
The venue was spacious enough, and the event seemed a little larger than one in Charlottesville (that I visited in 2013).  There were several stages.  One of them was for a youth group, which presented a magician whose idea of “The Prestige” was created by a Mobius strip, which will produce odd results based on how many times you fold the strip before putting the ends together. 

Lambda Legal, Equality Virginia, HRC, faith groups and several HIV groups had booths;  so did Blue Cross Blue Shield and many corporations.  One book author (Jenise Brown) had a booth. 

I guess a demonstration actually based on mathematics (topology) is a good thing. I've done it in my own model layout (second picture above). 

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