Monday, October 20, 2014

"Freedom to Work" reports on anti-gay discrimination at ExxonMobil after merger

A group called Freedom to Work is fighting little-covered discrimination against LGBT employees, as outlined in this story here. The most visible complaint seems to be against Exxon, which apparently removed protections for LGBT workers from Mobil when they merged.
I do remember the Mobil building when I lived in Dallas (near Stemmons and Inwood, as I recall).  I had a job interview with ARCO in 1983, but did not get hired.  
I held XOM stock myself for many years, before my financial advisor sold it (without asking). 

The most significant “wage” discrimination is the tendency for single or childless people to “work for a discount”, doing more on-call work in salaried positions without compensation, which works both ways.  It tends to lowball the compensation market for everyone.  

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