Sunday, October 05, 2014

Northern Virginia Pride

The Northern Virginia Pride Festival took place today at the Bull Run Special Events Center, off I-66, slightly east of Manassas, VA (basic link here ) .
The wide open space had booths from Fairfax County fire and rescue, and a helicopter demonstration.  It was as recently as the early 1990s that the Fairfax County Police Department tried to exclude homosexual cops because of Virginia’s “Crimes Against Nature” laws at the time, not overturned until 2003 with Lawrence v. Texas.

There was a booth and tent demo from Adventuring, the DC Outdoor group with which I was active in the 1990s. (In Minneapolis the corresponding group is Outwoods.)

There was a booth from Gay Mormons, and they report that the attitude within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has tempered considerably in the past ten years.

As I approached the festival, I could hear the pops from a gun range nearby, as if to suggest Pink Pistols.

After the event, as I drove in Manassas, I passed an anti-abortion demonstration where the sign read “dads for life” and “fatherhood begins at conception”.  What about someone who has never caused a conception?

I also passed a “Primitive Baptist Church” on a country road near the festival ground.

Last night, at Town Danceboutique, the drag queens tried to cast a spell to help the Nationals score in an extra-inning game, but the Nats lost the six-hour game, 2-1, to go two games in the hole in the NCLS series.  

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