Saturday, November 15, 2014

Blade reports the gay angle of the Georgetown ricin case -- and it is double-edged; also, a valuable disco souvenir

As I was leaving Town Danceboutique in the wee hours this AM after very lively disco night given the cold wave (which was not as pronounced in town as “out here”) I picked up a Washington Blade and was shocked to see the story by Lou Chibbaro, Jr.  (link )about the sentencing of former Georgetown Student Danny Milzman to a year and a day in prison, and 400 hours of community service tutoring disadvantaged youths in math – the later sounding like a provision that could help him return to college some day.
Dr. Phil is always saying that even at 19 the brain is not fully formed to see around corners.
I was not aware that Milzman is gay, nor that Thomas Lloyd, the resident assistant who called university police after clumsy emergency response from the University’s on-call counseling services, is president of GU Pride.  Lloyd tells his story in detail in the Hoya here  and the story of the sentencing is here.  For both stories, the reactions in readers’ comments is interesting.  Lloyd's own potential legal issues are also disturbing (as he describes him);  I didn't realize resident assistants are "employees" and make enough money to pay for most of their expenses.  But that position means he would have a "conflict of interest" in speaking about any campus issue in social media.  
I find it rather shocking that someone could easily make a lethal toxin easily from a common vegetable product (castor "beans").  I would personally wonder how real the medical threat really had been.  I think back over some movies about Putin and the use of polonium – the first association in my mind.   Of course, that's a totally different substance which is hard to get a hold of. Still the idea of a connection between a gay student and what is depicted as potential bioterror or chemical weapon is startling. 
As for the dance, someone inserted a fluorescent pipe down my chest at the dance (that is, I was in the "got it" count).  When I got home, I found that the item made an interesting “skyscraper” for the “Chinese city” portion of my model railroad display.  You could turn off the lights and it was the only light in the living room.  Still, you can’t see it very well from another part of the display (of a fictitious alien colony on another planet) where the “abductees” (call the "The Proles") live. 

The Town did not open its new Patio last night.  But it really wasn’t that cold. 
Note: the second picture is the view of Georgetown I always got in the 1960s crossing Key Bridge on a bus (pre-Metro days) to go to George Washington University, after my 1961 expulsion from William and Mary for admitting "latent homosexuality".  

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