Thursday, November 13, 2014

Elaine Donnelly still on warpath regarding gender in the military

Think Progress has an important story, by Josh Israel. back in May 2014 about Elaine Donnelly, “The woman who has never stopped fighting to keep LGBT Americans out of the military,” link here. The article calls her a “Phyllis Schlafly Protégé”.   She is “credited” now with keeping the trans-gender ban alive.  But seriously, I am concerned that a GOP rout in Congress, and especially in 2016, could lead to the undoing of all we accomplished with the repeal of DADT in 2010 and 2011. 
The Washington Times has published a piece by Donnelly opposing “forcing women into combat”, here (she can characterize it as a “war on women”).  The fact that most men (including most gay men) have more upper body strength than most women (including most lesbians) seems indisputable, and formed an underpinning of the “moral climate” when I was growing up – men were supposed to take the risks to protect women and children, and all that became very double edged in my own mind.  The superior upper body strength applies even with relatively low body weight;  one does not need the mass of a football lineman to be “strong” (just look at some MLB pitchers for examples). 
Today, TWT published a bizarre story (by Rowan Scarborough) of Lt. Col. Christopher Downey, supposedly being disciplined with interfering with a PDA between two lesbian military members in a bar, and for interfering with someone else trying to photograph them, link here. The incidents seem to have happened around Ft. Drum, NY.  Photography in discos has become more nettlesome in the past few years because of social media concerns, as discussed here before. 

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