Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pope Francis seems to backtrack on equality for LGBT people, as he talks about complimentarity as anthropological fact

Pope Francis seemed to backtrack a bit on what had sounded like very supportive statements for LGBT people a few weeks ago.  The Independent (from the UK) is reporting that the Pope, at a three-day conference on the family at the Vatican, spoke about heterosexual marriage, with its biological complementarity, as an “anthropological fact” that is quite permanent and that should not be disregarded by “temporary” trends in history.  The link to the story by Adam Withnall is here
The Pope also said that children have a right to grow up in homes with a mother and father.  The logical problem is, of course, what happens to an orphan when that isn’t available?  Russia is removing children from homes of gay couples, and yet in Russia most children who grow up in orphanages become criminal.   Is “Will and Sonny” preferable to no family at all?  No one seems to tackle this question. You can also extend the question to singles’ adoption, of course.
The Pope also said that people are giving up on marriage as a public commitment.  Did he mean just heterosexuals?  He also talked about increased personal freedom along with the lessening of expectation of people marrying and having children, but the indirect result has been felt among the world’s poorest and most vulnerable.
The “marriage equality” question tests logic, and mathematics is rather relentless regardless of what universe you live in.  If gay couples have less legal standing and are particularly discouraged from parenthood (especially adoption), then they will tend to have less responsibility for others – until they face their own eldercare obligations (which is what happened to me).  If they become prosperous and spend their resources on themselves instead of raising children, they will tend to contribute to increasing inequality, which strains social stability, even to the point of becoming a national or societal security issue.  But of course, we can say the same thing about economic schism among families – Michael Moore’s “I’ve got mine” thing. 

In the video clip from Oct 2013, the Pope said to married couples, “You must ‘waste time’ with their children, so they can realize that love is always free.”  Oh, here we go, “It’s free.”  Where have I heard that before?  

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