Thursday, January 01, 2015

2015 starts, for me at least, "On the Town"

I kept it simple New Years Eve and did “the same thing” once again.  I went to the Town Danceboutique, getting there by Metro about 11 PM.  There had been a lot of controversy over Uber premium pricing, and I knew cabs would be difficult.  And the Metro closed at 2 AM.  Actually, the crowd thinned out fairly quickly after midnight.

But for me, 2014 ended in the same place it had started. 
This time there was no drag show when I got there, dancing on two levels. Upstairs, a couple of revelers were making fun of the Washington Redskins and their name situation and 4-12 season. 

There’s a tremendous amount of apartment and condo construction near the club and near the companion 930 club (for artists’ concerts and events), which is gradually claiming all the spare parking lots.  But so far none of the buildings seem to affect the clubs.  Maybe U Street isn’t quite as expensive as 17th Street, where a new apartment building. The Drake, seems to want $1875 a month for the smallest studio. 

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