Wednesday, January 28, 2015

LDS Church supports LGBT protections "in guard mode"; Lass Bass and husband appear on TV, recall 'Nsync days

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the Mormon Church, now says it supports legal protections for the rights of LGBT people, with the caveat that legal protections don’t step on “religious freedom” – essentially, apply to religious employers.  USA Today has a typical story here.  It’s less clear how it would see a case like Hobby Lobby, where the religious beliefs of an employer of a for-profit company affects the employer’s benefits policies.
A draft of the statement is here
Nevertheless, the turnaround in the attitude of the Mormon Church is quite remarkable, and seems sudden. 

In another matter, Lance Bass and husband Michael Turchin appeared today on Access Hollywood, and their reporting is discussed on Entertainment Online, here.  Bass is from Mississippi, and was a performer in ‘Nsync.  I attended a PopOdyssey concert in the Metrodome in June, 2001, the Sunday night as Minneapolis gay pride ended. Chavez sang at the Dec. 20 wedding, and the couple apparently intends to adopt and raise children.  (See earlier posting on Bass, Aug. 4, 2012).  

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