Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Supreme Court may decide Friday whether to take 6th Circuit gay marriage, effectively ruling for the entire country

The Supreme Court will meet on Friday, Jan. 9, to decide whether to accept gay marriage cases from the 6th Circuit in Cincinnati, indicating that there “is no fundamental right to marriage” while gay marriage bans remain in effect in that circuit.  If the court takes the case, oral arguments are likely in March and a decision in June.  That could mean that any state in other circuits where appeals courts have rules in favor of gay marriage might be able to ban it again.
On Friday, the Fifth Circuit will also consider gay marriage bans in Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana.  The Fifth Circuit had supported the Texas sodomy law back in 1985.
Gay couples began to marry in Florida Monday.  Only a few years ago, gay couples were prevented from adopting in Florida. Chris Johnson covers Florida in the Blade here. 
The summary story by Robert Barnes leads off the Washington Post today, January 6.  
Yet, from my perspective, anti-marriage equality in the past created a rough equivalence between permanent bachelorhood, childlessness and homosexuality.  Those raising “families with children” were seen as taking on more responsibility that I took, sometimes justifying sacrifice from me or my being their “backup”.  That came to become “second class citizenship”.  

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