Thursday, February 19, 2015

Arkansas voids local ENDA-like laws; Pentagn points gay chief of staff; Oregon has bisexual governor

Arkansas has passed a bill to rescind all local laws protecting LGBT persons from discrimination, unless the state later passes such a law.  Josh Israel has a story in ThinkProgress here.  It wasn’t immediately clear if the scope of the law is limited just to LGBT issues.  The governor, Asa Hutchinson (R) was expected to sign it.  But in 2014 Jan Brewer (R) had vetoed a similar law in Arizona.  Wal-Mart, headquartered in the state, does protect its own employees.
The Washington Blade is reporting the name of a gay man, Eric Fanning, as civilian Pentagon Chief of Staff, story by Michael Lavers here. Fanning had been Air Force undersecretary.  I had long wondered, during the days of DADT, about indirect effects on civilians, which were an issue for me (remember that it took until 1995 for Clinton to protect civilians with high level security clearances). 
And Kate Brown, bisexual, is the nation’s first “openly” gay governor, Oregon (story in LA Times here).  

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