Sunday, February 08, 2015

CA archbishop mums school employees on personal social media statements on LGBT issues; Texas private Lutheran school demands progay YouTube video from student come down

An Archbishop in San Francisco has imposed a “don’t ask don’t tell” policy on all employees (whether Catholic or not) at the high school in his archdiocese, banning social media posts that express opinions in contradiction to the Church, including gay “propaganda”, so to speak.  Sounds like Vladimir Putin.  The link to the story by Jack Jenkins is here.   This sounds like the old workplace “conflict of interest” problem in the 1990s, about public speech when working for a “partisan” or “fraternal” employer (that is, religious, or otherwise not impartial about cultural values).  I simply stayed away from such places, even calls from them about jobs after I “retired”.
Aviva Shen also reports that a private Lutheran school in Houston, Texas was threatened with expulsion if he would not take down a personal YouTube video in which he outed himself, link here.
The Texas Observer also has a detailed story about the incident here . The school is affiliates with the Missouri Synod, the more conservative branch of Lutheranism, which believes that people with homosexual inclinations must accept a God-given call for their own personalized sacrifice.   When I lived in Minneapolis, I found most Lutheran congregations rather liberal in practice. 

The video, by Austin Wallis, "Be the Change",  seems to be available as of right now and follows here, embedded. 


Although libertarianism says private schools and churches can impose their beliefs on members as they like, these beliefs seem to be increasingly intrusive, unreasonable, unscientific, and hard to defend.  Religion is losing control. 

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