Friday, February 06, 2015

"Days of our Lives" episode steps on the blood donation ban for MSM

On “Days of our Lives”, the NBC soap, a couple new cards have been played.  The character Paul, of Asian descent, is a former major league baseball pitcher who has come out as gay, with the help of Will Horton’s articles.   Paul no longer pitches because of a shoulder injury.
The love triangle between Will, Sonny and Paul isn’t really important on an “issues” column, except that it might expand the stability of gay marriage among younger men. 
More important is the mugging of Sonny and stabbing in a robbery.  Sonny’s life is saved in surgery only when Paul gives matching O- blood, and more than one pint.
That would violate the ban on blood donations from MSM, which may soon be lifted partially in the US.  In the circumstances in the soap opera, the hospital can’t get enough blood to save Sonny without Paul’s two-pint donation.  That certain raises even more questions:  is blood donation a civic responsibility?  

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