Monday, February 23, 2015

Gay marriage debate creates new norms for "conformity"

Here’s an interesting perspective on free speech surrounding gay marriage and other issues from a high school senior in southern Minnesota, more or less around the Northfield area (St. Olaf’s and Carlton colleges), link here.   The essay, by guest columnist Jenna Cox in “SouthernMinn” is “Non conformity become conformed”. 
Note how the changing popularity of a new view of civil rights makes speaking out against it make the speaker, formerly in the majority, be perceived as a formerly privileged millstone. 
Of course, the same trend has occurred with others issues, including race. 
There is a tendency for people to demand that others “belong” and have “real life” responsibilities for others (and have to act on these responsibilities, right or wrong) before they are to be heard.  
I found this post on a Facebook posting by Philip Chandler, who runs the blog “Gay Equality and the Law” here.  
Picture: near Rosemount, MN, where I once spoke at the Dakota Unitarian Fellowship. 

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