Monday, February 09, 2015

Singapore blogger convicted of "contempt of court" in criticizing city-state's sodomy law; similar case now in Malaysia

In a bizarre case, Singapore blogger Alex Au has been found guilty of “contempt of court” for a blog posting in which he argued that the chief judge was not impartial in dealing with the Singapore sodomy law, 377A, news story by Vijalan in the Singapore “Straits Times”, link here.  There is no pun in the publication title. 
The articles had been published in the “Yawning Bread”, which right now is a Wordpress blog but normally has its own site, dedicate to LGBT issues in Singapore. 
Singapore has concerns about its low birth rate (here  in "Marginal Revolution") despite pronatalist policies.  These had come up in the film “Ilo Ilo” reviewed here on the Movies blog July 22, 2014.  
Update:  February 12

Malaysia is also in the act (Singapore is not part of Malaysia legally).  A cartoonist is being tried for sodomy. It's a confusing case.  New York Times story by Thomas Fuller here.
Update: February 20

A Malaysian appeals court has overruled an acquittal, not possible in the US, and the sodomy conviction holds here.  

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