Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Slovakia tries to stop gay people from raising children

The Cato Institute is reporting on a mean vote over gay rights in Slovakia, in an article by Dalibor Rohac, link here.  Rohac as a longer story on the referendum here.  It seems as though there is already a DOMA-like constitutional amendment, but the “Alliance for Family”, sounding a bit like the US “Family Research Council” or “Focus on the Family” wants to pass more pro-active legislation to prevent gay people or parents from adopting or having custody of children. This would be a referendum that is not seen as too likely to pass.  
The group is not going as far as Russia in the speech area.  Still, look at the circularity:  gay people won’t be responsible for families because society won’t let them, so it can blame them for taking away income and resources from families.   It brings back sexual orientation (for men) as a false proxy for the ability to make family commitments, the way it was seen here until the late 1960, before it slowly changed. 
My own background on the paternal side is Czechoslovakia, but (American) Baptist rather than Catholic.   

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