Sunday, March 22, 2015

California lawyer proposes most extreme anti-gay referendum ever (even outdoing Russia's)

When I see a news story like the Vox account (by German Lopez) of the proposed “Sodomite Suppression Act” in California, for which Orange County attorney Matt McLaughlin filed the required $200 fee to create a ballot initiative, I wonder if some people propose things like this just for the attention, to force news organizations, in the interest of objectivity, to report on their proposals.  That even creates a problem for individual bloggers; their followers don’t need to see Facebook posts or tweets reporting trash like this.
Nevertheless, as Vox explains, it probably will get into the referendum process, before the State supreme court removes it as so obviously unconstitutional.  The law wording even contains a trap to stop a challenge to its constitutionality.
The law, on its face, reads like a parody of Russia’s “anti-gay propaganda law”, deliberately legalizing violence in some cases, and actually making same-sex relations a capital crime (which Russia’s law actually does not).

We can wonder again why someone regards gay “sodomy” a bigger threat than real competition for a heterosexual spouse.

There is value in reporting the story in recalling that in the spring of 1983, there was a bill before the Texas legislature, HR2138, reinforcing the sodomy law at the time (2106) and banning gays from most occupations.  This was a right wing response to the early days of the AIDS panic, before HTLV-3 was even identified.

There was a somewhat vitriolic anti-gay referendum in Oregon in 1992. 
But this latest proposal from Orange County sounds like Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”.  I do remember other anti-gay politicians from that area, like Danmeyer.   

NBC News reports that Bob Jones III apologized for a similar statement made 35 years ago, here

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