Thursday, March 12, 2015

Florida introduces bill to repeal ban on gay parent adoptions, already declared unconstitutional

The Florida legislature has introduced a bill, HR 7013, that would remove the ban on adoption of children by gay and lesbian parents, after an old law was struck down in 2010 (by a state appeals court).  Equality Florida has the story here.

Previously, some gay couples had given foster care (including one male couple that took in a few HIV-infected children) but had been forbidden by law to adopt.  Some other states, like Arkansas and New Hampshire, had bans in the past.
Rosie O’Donnell had moved out of state to raise he children.
Just as with gay marriage, or even more so, the legalization of adoption by gay couples or singles raises a new question: should it be “expected”?  The NBC4 “Wednesday’s Child” seems to plead for adoptive parents (Sunday’s story).
The “moral debate” used to equate by proxy  homosexuality to singleness and childlessness, and disposable income, v. “responsibility for others”.  That seems like an early 90s idea now.  The debate has gotten much more nuanced. 

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