Saturday, April 04, 2015

A Christian gives himself an imaginary interview about Indiana-Arkansas-Hobby Lobby issues

While demonstrations in Indianapolis (Final Four) continue (as if the governor’s changes aren’t good enough), the New York Times publishes “Interview with a Christian”, by Ross Douthart – the Christian himself, being interviewed by an imaginary interviewer, here

Is this about “identity”, or is about cultural motives.  I found myself wondering, what if during the Vietnam War, with all the protests, a business didn’t want to serve soldiers. 

It also strikes me that the religious teachings, at their best, are all about karma, about spreading unavoidable hidden sacrifices around “fairly”.  I still don’t find a contradiction between the most modern cosmology, and religious faith, if you know the right place for faith. 
Sunrise is six hours away. 


Easter Sunday has come.  I attended Sunrise service, and a formal service at some rather open congregations.  I also got an email from "Americans for ex gays" with a lot of spammy forwards inside.

So I go back to Douthart's essay, and ask, well, sure, maybe if you're a printer, you shouldn't have to print a Nazi tract if you don't want to.  If you run a public accommodation, it should be open to everyone. But if the objection is a religious objection to gay relationships, what do "you" really object to.  Do you really think a loving god will punish you for serving a same-sex couple?  Of course, some religions don't see their "god" as loving.

I see God as cosmological, embedded in the extra dimensions of string theory, dimensions we normally can''t access.  Except for something like a miracle or a resurrection.  A teen Clark Kent has to get his "powers" from something.  

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