Saturday, April 18, 2015

A retrospect on DADT while "on the road"; another route to Town

A long day trip this week brought back memories of the “Don’ Ask, Don’t Tell” battle of 17 years.
I happened to pass by the Carlisle Barracks and Army War College in PA.  I think there was a case with a female officer attending there about twelve years ago.  Again, it’s hard to see much from the road.
So much of my moral thinking in those days hinged on the idea that people have to be prepared to respond to adversity as imposed by others.  In my case, it was the whole issue of fitness for the Vietnam era military draft, and the idea I had to prove I would not be a (physical) coward, when sometimes I was.  Much of the narrative in the first DADT book concerned the concern over security clearances and eligibility for military service after my William and Mary expulsion. It also concerned the use of the deferment system.  And here I am, a half century later.

I got off at the “wrong” Metro exit, the Howard University stop on the Green Line, on the way to Town last night.

But it’s about as close as the U Street exit, and the walk gives a view of the Howard Theater.

The patio is open. 

Update later today:

A lemonade stand, across 23rd ST S in Arlington VA (near Pentagon City) from Freddie's Beach Bar (and the AGLA brunch today). benefit for an abused animal shelter, a mother and son running it.  Remember, Donald Trump had started out "The Apprentice" in 2004 with selling lemonade (before, a few episodes later, Troy McClain got his legs waxes as he "took one for the team").   

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