Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Gay clubs in Baltimore could be affected by curfew this weekend, consider early tea dances

Gay clubs in Baltimore (as with all clubs and discos) would be affected by the 10 PM curfew related to the recent rioting over the Freddie Gray incident.
I dropped by the Grand Central on Charles Street late this afternoon.   The street itself was very quiet when I was there today. The businesses had closed Monday before 7 PM.  I was told that this establishment would try to do a tea dance early, starting around 5 PM, at least on Saturday, if the curfew is still in effect.  It would sound logical for the Hippo to do the same, although I don’t see that online yet. 
Usually, disco crowds come late, except on Halloween and then on Saturday night after Pride.  I wish they came earlier and that there were more Sunday tea dances anyway. 
Pictures on this post are from the Sandtown area of Baltimore, my earlier visit today.

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