Sunday, April 12, 2015

GOP is forced to become more pragmatic on gay equality, and follow libertarian reasoning

Metro Weekly columnist Justin Snow notes “The Red Divide: Religious freedom bills pit social conservatives against corporate America” this week, link here , an article I noticed while having brunch at Freddie’s Beach Bar in Arlington a while ago.
In other words, corporate America has largely followed the thinking of libertarian interests:  anti-gay bias will hurt business, even in Bible belt states.  Companies follow the thinking of the Cato Institute, and Gays and Lesbians for Individual Liberty, GLIL, not very active today but influential in the 1990s.  They follow the reasoning of Richard Sincere, David Boaz, and me.
Snow has an article about Rand Paul’s neglect to mention LGBT concerns, as does the Washington Blade this weekend.  But on CNN, Paul told interviewers he is a “leave me alone kind of guy” and that he thinks gay couple should get the same benefits as straight couples, but that this is still up to the states, and that “marriage” for him is still more a religious than legal word.  Well, don’t say that in a community property state, like Texas.   

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