Monday, April 13, 2015

Large law firms don't want to defend anti-gay-marriage laws or precepts

The country’s top law firms don’t want to defend older DOMA-type laws, according to a front page story today in the New York Times by Adam Liptak, link here

 Liptak has also previously reported that the Supreme Court has been urged to “look abroad” for guidance on same-sex marriage.
Smaller law firms will still take up the socially conservative arguments (that sound surprisingly collectivist as well as “religulous” and often contradictory to other ideas in conservative philosophy).  But bigger law firms normally work with larger corporations that feel that society has turned to corner on gay equality and that need to embrace the concept to grow their markets as well as attract talent. 

Some firms say there is still a difference between talking about good policy and maintaining that the Constitution would compel it.

In another direction, the Huffington Post reports that Marco Rubio will appear before an anti-gay group, the Florida Family Policy Council, story here. And the article has a slide-show, "Anti-Gay Protesters Getting Owned."  
As they say, times have changed, and surprisingly quickly.

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