Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Huckabee attacks SCOTUS, gay marriage in presidential announcement, right after talking about national EMP threat

Mike Huckabee sounded almost off-the-wall announcing his GOP candidacy from Arkansas today, with some rather alarming statements.
Yes, he “threatened” the Supreme Court on the gay marriage case, and I doubt that SCOTUS, even the conservative members, will be very impressed.  Chris Johnson has a story in the Washington Blade here
But there’s more. I was tuned on to CNN around 11:45 AM EDT when Huckabee was on the air, and just before his remark on gay marriage (and religious freedom), he talked about Iran (yes, appropriate), and then warned that the US was not ready for the possibility of an electromagnetic pulse attack (EMP) which could send it back to the 19th Century (see my Books blog on this, for example the novel “One Second After”, reviewed there on July 20, 2012). He also talked about cyber terror as a threat to the power grid and our way of life.  Talking about gay marriage immediately after these remarks, as if the supposed “self-indulgence” of renouncing complementarity had something to do with national security, was indeed startling.  I tweeted this immediately.
Roscoe Bartlett, from MD, has made similar remarks about the EMP threat. 
What does Log Cabin Republicans think of Hucakbee? 
Remember the movie “I Heart Huckabees”?  Roger Ebert rather liked it. 


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