Saturday, May 23, 2015

Memorial Day weekend in DC offers Black Pride; Ireland referendum OK's same-sex marriage

Memorial Day weekend in Washington DC always marks DC Black Pride, which precedes the usual Capital Pride in June.  Its website and links is here
Friday night, the Cobalt in DC held a small “Rich White Ladies” stage show upstairs around midnight.  Something interesting:  an iPhone can cut through the mist to the stage, but a Canon Power Shot cannot. 

The crowd volume was pretty normal for what I remember on Friday nights, even if I haven’t been there as often lately.  Dancing takes place on both levels. 

Yesterday was a "crazy day" for me;  it was time to "decompress". 
It’s also noteworthy that Friday, Ireland became the first country where a same-sex marriage referendum passed, Blade story here.  The margin of victory was quite large.  Here's an analysis on how "individualism" contributed to the big "win", by James Peron in Huffington, link

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