Sunday, May 03, 2015

Town DC does a new version of its "Crack" drag satire show/ DC seems normal while Baltimore curfew continues

Saturday night, I did return to the Town Dance Boutique in Washington DC and saw a good part of another version (see June 4, 2012) of the show “Orange Is the New Crack”, a parody of the Netflix TV series (“Orange Is the New Black” on the TV blog, Dec. 29, 2013).

In addition to the prison orange and some South Sea costumes, the show offered unusual stage props, with a barbed wire fence and search lights around it, and they stayed up during the dance afterward.
The crowd was about average or slightly bigger for a warm-weather Saturday.  Outdoors, it was a perfect 70 degrees on the patio.

Could the Town stage provide enough room for a piano concert?  Or would that defer to the 930 Club nearby?
I didn’t see any real evidence that people had come down from Baltimore because of the curfews there.  That cannot be good.  Until 8PM or so, we had some forlorn hope that the curfew there would be lifted.  Why punish the entire city for problems in a few areas? 

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