Thursday, June 18, 2015

Center for American Progress offers big story, videos on gay political asylum, mentions 1980 Cuban refugee crisis and effect of past sodomy laws

American Progress has another story asylum for GLBT people, and summarizes the resistance to Cuban refugees back in 1980, which I have written about before, story by Sharita Gruberg and Andrew Satter, link.  The presence of sodomy laws at the time was a serious legal block.
The story doesn’t mention the wide call that went out for individual sponsors that went out in some southern cities, including Dallas, where I was living at the time. 
CAP has a video (105 minutes) of an event hosted by Barney Frank, link here
A second video with individual testimonials can be embedded.

CAP points out that it still  can be difficult for asylees to remain within the country for a long time, but it does not yet get into the question about whether sponsorship should be expected from citizens (as was said in 1980).
The flip side of the question is that some horrific crimes have been committed by immigrants (like Tsarnaev or Wint).

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