Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Is "Equality" as a buzzword an adequate way to represent LGBT issues?

Is real “equality” possible, or does it make sense?
It’s certainly a nice buzzword, and there are many situations where LGBT “people” (to use the term in a politically correct manner) can be thrust into second-class citizenship, forced to make sacrifices for those who have families through conventional biology.  I’ve talked about how this crept into the workplace, with the paid family leave debate, and how changing demographics and eldercare lead to differential sacrifices.  It’s the tension between those raising families, and those not, that matters the most to me.
As a matter of setting personal priority, focusing narrowly on a politically correct definition of “equality” gives one’s effort (mine at least) a misleading message. It may be a focal point for raising money for non-profits (or for selling books, for that matter), but it doesn’t adequately show what really happens.
Rand Paul is reported as being “offended” by the use of the world marriage in same-sex relationships, but not by equal benefits.  That’s the old “civil union” of a decade ago.  But it seems that, to a lot of people, some sort of recognition for procreative sexual intercourse remains important to them.


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