Monday, June 29, 2015

"Undocumented Trans and Queer People" die-in protest to take place near White House June 30 (according to press release sent to me)

I just got an email from Mario Carillo that “United We Dream”  and “Operation Break the Cage” will conduct a “die-in” at 16th and H Sts NW Tuesday at 1:15PM near the White House. The press release says “Undocumented Trans and Queer People”, so one can sense the tone of the protest.

The closest coverage I could find online is here for a similar protest in May.  I’ve asked Mario to post this on a specific post so it can be tweeted.

I’m not sure yet how big this will be or how much attention it will get from the major media.  Maybe it will touch off debate on the asylum issue, and the policies that are needed.  This is a difficult political issue.  Will the movement need sponsors?

Update: June 30

I got a second email today saying that the protest will happen at 2:15 PM instead of 1:15.  Facebook link is here

Later June 30

I did attend and film some of the demonstration, more details on Wordpress here.

The tone of the event was more about social and emotional solidarity than political arguments.

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