Friday, June 05, 2015

Washington Blade explains why we still need gay bars; I say, parking is an issue in DC

Baltimore Pride (which happens in July) tweeted a Washington Blade editorial, “Why we need our gay bars”, link here.  The article did say that the major DC bars were doing OK financially.  The article responds to the announced closing of the Hippo in Baltimore this fall.
I wrote the following comment:
“Very important points.  I don't go out as often to bars as I used to -- getting older -- but there are more other social opportunities even in mainstream mixed settings than there were a generation ago.  One suggestion to club owners: do something about parking.  Make sure we can find all-night space.  Get together and build a 24-hour garage with security.  I think that in West Hollywood (The Abbey, which actor Timo Descamps likes on Twitter) you park in the library garage $10 a night, and that's it -- no street parking -- that's how it was in 2012.  It works.  The City and club owners should do the same here. “
There is valet parking, sometimes.  I used it in Nashvill once.  I passed up a chance to use it in Detroit.  But in DC, the U Street and 17th St corridors both need 24-hour garages somewhere. 

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