Sunday, July 26, 2015

Baltimore Pride, 2015, follows peacefully on troubles in the city in April

On Saturday, July 25, 2015, Baltimore Pride offered its parade and Block Party.

The relatively brief parade started at 3:30 PM and went up Cathedral Street and Maryland Ave., one block west of Charles Street.

The Block Party was in two sections, part of it on Eager Street as in the past, and another large section in a block off Cathedral Street, with a performance and dance state and food in each part.  The lines were not as long for food because there were more vendors.

The Hippo started its dance part at about 8:20 PM (a little late), with male dancers, and by 9 PM or so the dance floor was filling in.  The DJ offered some unusual brass and horn music on top of the dance at times, which sounded like atonal classical dance music.

No one knew yet exactly when the Hippo will close (to be replaced by an art-decco CVS), but most observers expect it to be open through Halloween.  The Hippo plans a major “White Party” on Aug. 8.  A major issue seems to be that the owner can't simply sell the club with license to another person as is;  he had been grandfathered in.  

The area will need a large dance floor after the Hippo becomes a CWS.  Maybe the Grand Central could enlarge its third floor. 

The people attending the events were more numerously female and non-white than at similar events in DC.  There was a tone of remembering the events in Baltimore in April.

The Horseshoe Casino offered a free after party.

The newspaper Baltimore GL (July 2015, p. 5) reports that PW, a small but popular bar in Laurel MD, has lost its liquor license. 

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