Tuesday, July 28, 2015

BSA ends organizational ban on gay adult leaders; media reports on Lousiana shooter's homophobia

The Boy Scouts of America has voted to end its organization ban on openly gay scout leaders. But the New York Times, in a story by Erik Eckholm emphasizes the objections of the Mormon Church, link here.
Local chapters would still be “free” to implement their own “rules”, but the trend obviously is that it would be difficult to defend deliberate discrimination in practice, even at the local level.
Still, socially conservative religious groups are finding cherished idea of “community morality”, that people who don’t conform to (or compete well within) biological gender roles, should be forced to conform for the good of the group (a rather military idea), harder to defend.  Younger adults tend not to believe it.  It seems related to economic standard of living.  Such a view of morality is more common with smaller, tribal communities that had constantly to defend themselves from common enemies (as in the times of both the Bible and later the Koran).
Not much has been said about how transgender people (female to male especially) might fit in, but, as with the military, that will surely come up and gain more acceptance over time.
Media have reported the public homophobia of John Houser, who killed two women in a shooting rampage at a movie theater in Lafayette, LA last Thursday.  One report here on some of his posts and supposed support of the Westboro Baptist Church is here.  His anger seems to have been directed partly at, not just at his economic circumstances, but at women who don’t submit to men.  That’s pretty familiar with some religious fundamentalism.  But there are other reports of severe breakdowns in church gatherings that he had attended.

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