Thursday, July 23, 2015

HRC promotes Equality Act, while tyrants around the world use western same-sex marriage as a proxy issue

Graeme Reid has a disturbing op-ed on CNN of how authoritarian leaders around the world use same-sex marriage in the West, and especially the recent SCOTUS opinion, as a proxy issue to make the West or the US seem like enemies, link here.
The worst countries are Russia (of course), Nigeria (with Goodluck Jonathan’s behavior before ouster from office), Malaysia (abuse of its sodomy law against political opponents), and Gambia, as well as Uganda previously.

Non-western cultures are more likely to see homosexuality as denying parents or families a lineage. But these cultures also view society much more collectively. 


Today HRC was calling supporters about the bill for the Equality Act, as explained in the blog posting here. It was introduced by Senators Jeff Merkley, Tammy Baldwin, Cory Booker, and representative Dave Cicilline.  Vox has an article by German Lopez calling it "the most comprehensive LGBTQ rights bill ever" link here The Williams Institute at UCLA has an analysis of the benefits of the bill here

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