Sunday, August 30, 2015

Transgender person now a judge in Houston, TX

The New York Times has a big article this Sunday morning, “Once a pariah, now a judge, the early transgender journey of Phyllis Frye, here  now a judge in Houston.

Frye was an Eagle Scout in 1962 and graduated from ROTC at Texas A&M.  But he eventually resigned under pressure from the Army in 1972.  Her change of identity was gradual, and the article says she never underwent full reassignment surgery. 

The article says that George W. Bush was the first president to welcome an openly transgendered person to the White House in 2003.
 Note that today, on the movies blog, I have a detailed discussion, through a movie review, of the leather bar "The Hoist" in London, which I probably won't get to visit for a while. 

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