Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A chat today about donation priorities: maybe asylum issue will get big for LGBT in 2016

Today, I got a call from HRC about my automated donation, which is from an account set up with a trust.  The call was because it was less than usual.
I had moved more donated funds around to causes more specifically connected to the Syrian refugee crisis.  I did explain this to the caller.  I also indicated that, although the asylum issue (for countries like Russia and Nigeria) gets covered only occasionally in the Blade, I think it is likely to grow in public exposure over the next sixth months, partly as a secondary result of the Syrian crisis. And surely many of the refugees crossing Europe are LGBT.
I don’t remain loyal to just one organization or one cause.  I’m “nobody’s tool”.  It’s still important to me to decide for myself which events going on are the most important, even strategically as well as immediately. As was said on Erin Burnett’s show on CNN tonight, people don’t need to be told what causes to support.
But that presumes some stability and resources that not everyone has.


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