Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A blog from another writer and editor for GLIL back in the 1990s

On Twitter today, I discovered a blog by Dave Edmondson, “The Heterodox Homosexual: Queerness for the rest of us”, and I’ll note a posting on Aug. 30, “The Last Thing to Blame on Gay Men”, link here.

This piece dealt with an earlier Washington Post column on the ratio of straight women to straight men in gay-friendly big cities.  There is an idea that gay men displace straight men in the dating pool for women, as if lesbians didn’t exist and it were a zero-sum game.  But when I was growing up, in the 50s, there was probably a fear that if a man was gay, there was one more woman who would become an old maid (like in “Gone with the Wind”) without a man to support her. And a gay man wouldn’t give the bloodline descendants (not always true).

Edmonson edited “The Quill”, the newsletter for Gays and Lesbians for Individual Liberty back in the 1990s.  He published my first piece in it, which I sent by mail on diskette in July 1994 (I had originally just sent it printed).  That’s how far I have come technically.  The article was called “A Conservative’s Approach to Individual Rights and Responsibilities” here. (Oops, “suspet class” is “suspect class”) Note the way I saw the conventional view of “person-hood” in the third paragraph. In the last paragraph, I noted “the growing conflict between those responsible for raising children and those not”. That feeds the debate on paid parental leave today.
In September 1994, Edmondson would publish my review of Joe Steffan’s book “Honor Bound”, just as I prepared for a workplace merger at least tangentially connected to the military (my long “conflict of interest” history).  I would take over editing the rag (which was mailed to a list and given away at Lambda Rising) in 1995.

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