Tuesday, October 27, 2015

High-heel race in Washington tonight; more concern about regulation of clubs

OK, the rain held-off for the High Heels Race (18th Annual) at 9 PM on 17th St NW (now named after Frank Kameny) in Washington DC, run right one time by the clock countdown.  Contestants had to have registered by 8:30.  The sprinkles, in advance of an inch of rain, started right after the race ended.

But ABC affiliate WJLA had its own little high heels race at noon, as shown on Facebook by Eileen Whelan.

Aaron Gregg has a sobering story in the Washington Post, p. A14, about the DC bar owners forming a new trade association, to deal with proposals to force them to measure and reduce noise, and to pay minimum wage as well as tips.  Mark Lee has a story about liquor licensing in the Washington Blade in September here.

Regulation may be affecting the gay bar business more now than in the past.  Ironically, with mainstreaming of gay culture and gay marriage, some see bars and taverns as less essential to the community in the past.  In Baltimore, the regulation of licenses may be one reason that the Hippo couldn’t simply be sold to another owner. Recently, the New York Times has written about the real estate boom in Chelsea (north of the West Village) and its driving out a lot of gay life.

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