Sunday, October 04, 2015

HRC National Dinner 2015: key speeches are online, and there was an after-party at Town

As I noted, I did not get a ticket to the HRC National Dinner last night this year.

But a lot of material form the event is already online, even Sunday morning. Hillary Clinton spoke for about 20 minutes to HRC volunteers on Saturday, Oct. 3, as captured here.

Clinton mentioned the serious problems for LGBT overseas and specifically mentioned Zimbabwe.
Vice President Joe Biden gave the keynote address at the dinner, and spoke about Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Later many people from the HRC Dinner went to the Town DC for an unofficial “afterparty” (open to all, not related to having a ticket to the dinner).  There were many people on the dance floor in tuxedos and “good clothes”.   Others (with hotel rooms) probably had time to change. The crowd got quite large about 12:30 AM, and was a bit overdressed, not ready for late fall and winter (and this is early fall, when it is usually still warm).  The weather had been cool and rainy with an extra-tropical storm in DC all day, but it was actually warming up outside as the storm slowly left. 

The Town now accepts Master Card and Visa for tickets (I hope with the new EMV standard), and has a smartphone charging station near the Patio (which stays open as long as weather is warm enough, generally 50 degrees or more; it was open last night as the storm left). 
Note that the new apartments, the Shay, across Florida Ave. from the Town, are absolutely spectacular with high ceilings, right now visible from the street;  it appears that the building is now opening.

I have to say we were lucky not to have the catastrophic floods like in South Carolina, where I was last week.  And yes, Charleston is fun. 


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