Monday, November 23, 2015

LGBT community mixed on vote on Syrian refugees, aware that this can affect gays fleeing persecution

The Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund won’t drop support for three gay or bisexual members of Congress who voted to tighten security vetting requirements for refugees coming from Syria or elsewhere in the Middle East (which of course can include LGBT refugees).  There was a sentiment that the vote is a breach of solidarity, but many in the community were sympathetic to the idea that we can lose everything if we are lax about security.

Chris Johnson has a story in the Washington Blade here.

The issue has indirect implications, because there has been concern about helping potential refugees from Russia, Uganda, Nigeria, and other countries that have passed anti-gay laws since 2013.  The DC Center is working on the problem but (like the Obama administration) has said very little publicly because of the sensitivity of the issue.  Eventually, sponsors would have to be found for some refugees, meaning pressure on individual citizens to become involved in ways that can involve sacrifice and risk.  Resolution of questions like this still seems a long way down the pike.  The Blade has covered the stories of a few refugees in the past.

Picture: selfie, AGLA brunch Saturday morning at Freddie’s.

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