Sunday, November 15, 2015

Salt Lake elects lesbian mayor, who plans dialogue with LDS church; anti-gay site seems almost comical in asking for money; checking on Baltimore with Hippo gone

Salt Lake City, Utah has elected an openly lesbian mayor, Jackie Biskupsi, who barely eked out a Republican incumbent.  And she promises a “sit-down” with the Mormon Church, according to conservative website “One News Now”, here.

It’s interesting (ghoulishly funny) if you look at the website “Americans for Truth about Homosexuality”, that it solicits donations and charges $49 for a book “Making Gay OK”.

Today, on the way to a concert in Baltimore, I took a pic of the sad closed Hippo.  Again, if it weren’t for Baltimore’s alcohol rules, the owner probably could have sold the club in a way that could keep it open.

I had brunch at the nearby Mt. Vernon Stables.  It seems as though there is a new restaurant owned by lesbians, and plans for a new club somewhere in the area.

The Grand Central hadn’t quite opened for the day, but it now has a Pub, Disco and Loft, and plans a “Black Party” Nov. 21.  Would it expand the size of its dance area with no more Hippo?

The Hippo had a nice karaoke area and plenty of room for sports bar viewing as well as the sunken dance floor.  It will be missed.  I have a feeling that large dances in Baltimore (like for Pride or New Years and Halloween) are likely to be held in rented facilities, maybe in casinos or around the Harbor, in the future.

On this day of security-consciousness, I drove right past the Ravens game on I-395 into downtown Baltimore, and could see into the stadium.  The Ravens lost the game.

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