Saturday, February 27, 2016

Late winter in the clubs, and some "disturbing behavior"

I got out to a “club” last night, as I tend not to do much of that late at night in the winter these days.  Coat check is a bother and people are over dressed, in DC.  In Minneapolis, on the other hand, people would run outside almost in skivvies when it was 5 above.

It was milder than expected last night as I walked to the Cobalt, where there was a mini-celebration of Beyonce and the Super Bowl (come on – it’s time for baseball and the Academy Awards) at about 12:30 on the little stage.  This is an ordinary late winter weekend, after Mardi Gras, still with time for one more disruptive snowstorm.

There was a troubling, almost unprecedented (for me) incident upstairs.  I was observing a couple at a respectful distance, and a tall man, of a different race, suddenly became very aggressive and persistent.  I had to say “No!” twice (not exactly like Gael Garcia Bernal).  This was especially unlikely because I still had all my winter wraps on (I had not used coat check).  I wondered if I would need to leave early.  It settled down, and I was there until about 1 AM.  The upstairs floor remained packed.

I have noticed that sometimes people (often females) will “challenge me” with some energy in bars if they pick up on my specific “interest” and feel they need to make some sort of example or even a political statement out of private erotic interests.   One time something like this happened in West Hollywood, but it was much less intense than this.

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