Sunday, February 07, 2016

Libertarianism on accidental display at AGLA social in Ballston

This was not a “big” event, but Friday evening, early, AGLA (Arlington Gay and Lesbian Alliance) held a social in the Pinzimini Lounge in the Westin Hotel in Ballston in Arlington.  

What was a little unusual was that Mary Ruwart’s libertarian thesis “Healing Our World: The Compassion of Libertarianism” (2015 version of her HOW book) was “on display” at the gathering because I had just picked it up from a nearby UPS store, just coincidence, and walked over with it.  I may be the pseudo-distinguished author with my “Do Ask, Do Tell” series, but Mary Ruwart’s is perhaps a companion.  However, Ruwart deals only with economic policy issues, with no mention of gay issues (like marriage).

Also on display was a spinach pizza pilaf (without a miniature toy chair from a train set – private joke).

Today (Sunday), I had an “accidental” public speaking engagement, pimping my own book under the table (see main blog).

Tentatively, we’ve set a book party for AGLA for me in April.  More details to come.

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