Thursday, March 31, 2016

A long DC Metro shutdown on some lines could be very damaging to gay businesses

Once again, we’re talking about transportation infrastructure and how it can adversely affect gay businesses if compromised (Issue blog, today).

There’s a lot of concern after Metro board chairman in Washington DC, Jack Evans (always very supportive of LGBT equality) announced that entire lines might have to be shut down more months at a time for rebuilding. Nightclub businesses (around Dupont Circle, U-street, NE, and possibly in the Navy Yard area) certainly could be adversely affected if public transportation were not available until 3 AM on weekends.  Not only customers, but employees, themselves not rich, have to get there.
Express bus service, running 24x7, might work in the interim in the warmer months of the year (about 8 months of the year in DC are warm enough that outdoor waiting isn’t a problem).

I usually take cabs after midnight, and cab service in the U Street area has improved considerably after new rules went into effect.
I have just created an Uber account, have never used it.  The app leaves itself on your iPhone, as if you were ready to use the service in your home right now.  It could become very important to customers during a Metro shutdown, but would be too expensive for employees who depend on the subway.
It would be very helpful if business owners would create more 24x7 highrise garages in DC near the areas with bars and restaurants.  It would also help if the City were not so fussy with license renewal.
In Baltimore, by comparison with Washington, parking is usually easy – Penn Station if necessary.

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