Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Can a "bachelor" get elected president? (Look ahead to 2020, at least, if we're still around) Why Lindsey Graham is a hawk on national security

Mark Joseph Stern has an article in Slate, from June 15, 2015, “Are rumors about Lindsey Graham’s sexuality ruining his presidentialchances?”  True, this was a few months before primary.  But Graham is a bachelor, who doesn’t go out of his way for a lot of show to please others.  It’s interesting that he was the most vocal of all in reacting to the most reckless of Donald Trump’s proposals about immigration (including committing war crimes).

Graham replaced Strom Thurmond, who headed the Senate Armed Services Committee meetings in 1993, whee Tracy Thorne testified about president Clinton’s plan to lift the ban on gays in the military. (Remember, Thurmond’s “it isn’t natural” line at the hearings, where people cheered in a sickening display.) Graham has a long record in the military himself and is quite hawkish on national security.

No, he is not another J. Edgar Hoover.  But it seems that a lot of people have an expectation of marriage and procreation from our public officials.  It’s not about the presence of something bad, it’s about the absence of something expected.

I dealt with this all my life.
Remember James Buchanan?  What if Tim Cook or Anderson Cooper runs for president

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