Monday, March 14, 2016

Equality Virginia provides update at potluck at Arlington library

On Sunday afternoon March 13, Arlington Gay and Lesbian Alliance held a potluck and book share, with James Parrish, from Equality Virginia, giving an update on the Virginia legislative session. The even took place at the Arlington Central Library.  There was a book bar, and I provided one copy of each of my four books (three DADT and "Our Fundamental Rights").
A lot of his presentation was very detailed, and the best source of the information is here on the EV site.   Many of these items are small in scope and not likely to have a lot of effect.  However, Republicans in the legislature seem to have made themselves “veto proof”.

There was some discussion at the end.  I reiterated my point that marriage equality matters even to single people, and that paid family leave needs to be “paid for”.  (See post Feb. 22)

I can remember very critical activism with the Texas legislature in the 1980s during the time that AIDS has provoked a political crisis.

There was bad news: a female attorney assisting EV was killed in a car accident.  I did not get the name.

The owner of Freddie’s Beach Bar will be honored at the EV dinner in Richmond April 16.

Picture:  Downtown, Richmond, Sept. 2015, near bike event.

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