Wednesday, March 09, 2016

LGBT people migrating to red states for jobs, lower living costs

LGBT people are moving to red states, writes Samantha Allen in the Daily Beast.  A shorter story is here. or this map at Consumer Affairs.

That is largely the result of lower cost of living and sometimes more jobs (even Hollywood studios have operations in places like Louisiana, Georgia, Utah, where labor costs are lower), as well as improved political climate.  That’s more than just the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage last June.  Generally, some communities have been more willing to pass anti-discrimination laws (such as Salt Lake City).
 I did such a migration myself in 1979, moving from New York City to Dallas, where I lived 9-1/2 years, but enduring the wrath of the religious right (the bar raids in 1980, which never nabbed me, and then the attempt to pass anti-gay laws when AIDS suddenly erupted).

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